SCA Performance Lifted Chevy Trucks For Sale In Richmond, VA

Drivers looking for the baddest Chevy trucks will find the satisfaction they seek in our selection of SCA Performance lifted trucks. These custom-built beasts are the pinnacle of lifted-truck excellence. These high-riding show-stoppers turn heads all the way down the block. They're luxury-enhanced daily drivers, and when the weekend hits, their off-road capabilities come alive.

And the best part? They offer factory-backed warranty coverage on top of the custom greatness. Learn more about lifted Chevy trucks from SCA Performance below, and visit Parks Chevrolet Richmond to take one on a test drive.


To answer this question, think about what it takes to get a Chevy truck lifted and customized to such an extent.

With the typical aftermarket route, it'll take a whole lot of knuckle-busting work, usually coming without accurate instructions or a guarantee of quality and proper fitment. Crucially, most third-party custom work also voids the truck's factory warranty, excludes it from dealership service, and may not fulfill legal vehicle standards.

SCA Performance lifted trucks bypass these headaches. They go further than most aftermarket lifted trucks, too. The brand was founded in 1979 to bring drivers the ultimate lifted trucks. But as experts in their field, they know that the "ultimate" lifted trucks require more than just a lift kit.

Under their vision, the ultimate Chevy lifted trucks involve a lift, of course, but also thorough upgrades inside and out, exclusive in-house components, a three-year/36,000-mile factory warranty,1 access to Chevy dealership service across America, and full compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Standards (FMVSS).

So explore your options in our Chevy truck inventory with confidence. SCA Performance gives you a worry-free way to enjoy the custom truck of your dreams.

Black Widow


Three models from our all-new Chevy inventory become Black Widow models when given the SCA Performance treatment. Here's each option, starting with trucks: The Silverado 1500 and 2500 HD.

On the Chevy 1500 Black Widow, upgrades begin with a 6-inch lift kit featuring high-strength cross members, control arms, and steering knuckles to handle revised suspension geometry. Advanced FOX™ shocks complement the lift with on-road comfort and off-road precision. 35-inch BFGoodrich® AT KO2 tires wrapped around 20-inch Black Widow wheels provide the traction needed. A custom speedometer calibration maintains factory accuracy.

Exterior enhancements like custom hood vents, a custom Black Widow grille, premium Black Widow badges, and red brake calipers come next. And on the inside, custom leather upholstery with Black Widow logo embroidery and contrast stitching, red LED interior lights, custom gauges, and more interior upgrades complete the package.

The Silverado 2500 HD Black Widow is a similar story. As the larger of the two SCA Performance lifted trucks, it has nearly the same upgrades but with differences like a 5-inch lift kit and unique upholstery.

The Chevy Tahoe Black Widow is the third option.

As an SUV sibling in the SCA Performance lifted trucks family, it also happens to receive nearly identical upgrades to the Silverado 1500 Black Widow. You can expect a 6-inch lift, 33- or 35-inch all-terrain tires, custom gauges, custom seat upholstery and embroidery, Black Widow badges, hood vents, and more. Be sure to keep your eyes on our Chevy Tahoe inventory to find one of these rare SUV beasts.


If you're ready to come face-to-face with our selection of SCA Performance lifted trucks, we're ready to show you everything they offer. Our Chevy dealership is proud to offer SCA Performance trucks and other custom Chevy lifted trucks for sale. Visit us today to step up and take our lifted trucks for a test drive.

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